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Canalside Greenspace Group Started

We are a new group and everyone is welcome to come along. For the next get together of the Canalside Greenspace Group…

  • When: 10am-12 pm on Tuesdays
  • Bring your own mug please. Hot drinks and cookies will be provided. 
  • There are toilets available and an indoor space incase of extreme weather.
  • Please keep an eye on our FCCT Facebook page for precise location and any last minute changes (e.g. due to weather) or call 07706580147 or email Fiona at fcct dot scot
  • More information about the group

October gatherings we have the use of the Student Common Room at Bainfield as a wet weather location, it is a lovely warm space right beside where we are working.

Over the past three weeks we have been exploring our local Greenspaces at Fountainburdge Green and Harrison Park and making some improvements. We met initially on the Lochrin Belle Canal boat and in the following 2 weeks we met up at the Pop Up Community Cafe at Polwarth Parish Church before working in Harrison Park and visiting the Railway Path.

Another wonderfully sunny day for getting out and about together with the Canalside Greenspace Group. We spent time at Harrison Park where we pruned apple trees helping these apples to grow even more. Afterwards we enjoyed some time at the @The Grove, Fountainbridge Community Garden ( 

In September 2023 the Canalside Greenspace Group has been back at Fountainbridge Green. We welcomed new people and looked at the two wee square planters near the outdoor gym. We had a brilliant morning exploring the variety of plants that grow in such a small space. Bees buzzing about feeding and insects basking in the sun. After we started to give the planters some TLC and considered what could be added to the planters of the next weeks. 

We also brought the cargo bike out. It was brilliant for keeping all our bags dry, and store our much needed biscuits.

We labelled plants in the wee planters at Fountainbridge Green (go and check them out 🔎). There is Feverfew, purple toadflax and some really soft lambs lugs.

After it was all about seed spotting and saving. The dry and warm weather was ideal for this. Together we discovered how to save seeds from flax, nasturtium and cabbage. Watching the little seeds pop out their seed pods is an awesome experience that is endlessly fascinating. 

We also started a wild flower mix (red campion, wild carrot, cornflower and poppy seed) which is really exciting. 

Join us next time. We are a group of people who likes getting outside and shaping our greenspaces together. We will be back at the Harrison Park area and will spend time at the wee community herb garden there. Free herbs guaranteed for you.

Special thanks to The Grove Fountainbridge Community Garden for letting us save some seeds in the community garden and enjoy their facilities.