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Response to Planning Application

As many will know FCI and other local groups have long been involved in discussions and the ‘Sounding Board’ in order to have positive conversations and ensure good outcomes given the significant set of developments taking place in our local area.

In August, the final planning consent for the site between Gilmore Park, Dundee Street and Viewforth was submitted 22/04045/AMC  by 7N Architects on behalf of Cruden Homes. Comments on the application were open until 29 Sept 2022 and FCCT submitted a response based on the years of contributions by members of our Board.

We welcomed some aspects of the site plans such as the provision of quality green space and public realm, including tree lines along major frontages and the canalside. We were pleased with the bid to have no fossil fuels on site and find net zero and electrical solutions, as well as a reduction in car parking and increase in bike storage. The site also looks to provide a larger that statutory percentage of social and affordable housing.

However we also expressed our concerns over a number of things, and confess we are not ‘wowed’ by the overall appearance, especially give the community’s long involvement with the project.

Our major concerns are around the building heights and densities and active travel pinch points, for example under/to the side of Viewforth bridge. There is mix in tenures but overall we consider the density of the development to be too high, putting resultant strain on urban design and quality.

We also noted with disappointment any reference to new or enhanced water space or inclusion of the creation of the Archimedes Screw water-feature, has disappeared from the proposals, and consider this a loss of a great opportunity to create something special here.

There is significant provision of ground commercial space on the Quayside, Leamington Square and Dundee Street. This is despite long standing empty units at Lochrin Basin and the forthcoming provision of substantial new space at Haymarket. To animate the Quayside and establish sustainable and vibrant local economic activity we would suggest a pro-active strategy and a mix of uses, to encourage local trading, local businesses, third sector, social enterprises, and community involvement.

You can read our full comments below, and please get in touch if you’d like to be more involved with this aspect of our organisation.

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