Making our community a better place to live, work, play and visit

Canalside Greenspace Group

Explore and improve our local greenspaces e.g Fountainbridge Green and Harrison Park, for the benefit of people and nature.

You are invited to join a new group to connect with others in these greenspaces and learn and share practical skills.  All equipment and training provided. Starting August 2023, see latest news

Canalside Greenspace Group

In the Fountainbridge Canalside Community Trust’s community benefit area are several amazing urban greenspaces. The trust will support (local) people to come together to improve urban green spaces increasing their benefits for people and nature.

What is it?

The Canalside Greenspace Group will explore the local greenspaces and together identify improvement opportunities at several small greenspace’s areas at Fountainbridge Green and Harrison Park.

As a group we will together consider what kind of improvements could be made (e.g. planting, decorating, adding a feature) at those small greenspaces and together make possible improvements. 

The aim is to together improve different small greenspaces at Fountainbridge Green and Harrison Park for the benefit of the people and nature.

It will be a fun, there will be cake, chat and lots to explore and learn together about our greenspaces. Everyone is welcome who has an interest in improving our local greenspaces for people and nature.

Why is FCCT doing this?

  • FCCT’s vision is: Making Fountainbridge a better place to live, work, visit and do business 
  • Local greenspace maintenance, development and improvement is one of the 4 key activity themes of FCCT (helping to achieve the vision).

In 2020 FCCT gathered information from the local community through a consultation survey. 

  • Improving green and blue spaces came out as second highest priority (after towpath and safety). 

General themes connected to this being: opportunities for community activities, parks and greenspaces to boost mental health and general wellbeing as well as community participation to increase a sense of ownership.
Existing greenspaces (e.g. Fountainbridge Green and Harrison Park) as well as future potential greenspaces.

When and where?

  • When: Weekly. Start Tuesday 1 August – 10.30am -12.30pm. 
  • We will meet at an indoor venue at the start of each meet up but hope to be outside most of the time weather permitting. 
  • After Tues 12 Sep we will agree time/date for the next 6 weeks of Canalside Greenspace Group get togethers. They will be in the Fountainbridge area – near Harrison Park or Fountainbridge Green

Please dress for Scottish summer weather (a rain coat if needed)and wear sturdy trainers/sneakers.  We will be strolling to different greenspaces each time and intend to do light activities (e.g. weeding). We will meet at an indoor venue at the start of each meet up but hope to be outside most of the time weather permitting. 

If these times don’t work for you please keep an eye out for other opportunities. We might offer meet ups at different times in the future.

We might do weekend activities related to the canalside greenspace group. Please get in touch if this would be of interest to you. 

Contact or 07706580147 for more information.